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April 2014 – Managing Our Emotional World

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Hello Fellow Life Traveller!

Nod in sage agreement if this is familiar to you.

You inspect your ‘To Do List’. There are 3 targets that you should have completed on yesterday, as well as other tasks that you didn’t commit to the screen/page that are bobbing around in the back of your mind; and you know that you just HAVE to get them done – SOON. You stall and seek a bit of moral support.

WELL-MEANING PERSON: Oh dear, I’m so sad to hear you’re facing difficulties. There’s no doubt about it, you’ve got bundles of potential. You’ve just got to believe in yourself more.

YOU: (A little indignant at the slightly patronising tone.) Actually I do believe in myself. There is just so much to do! And I can’t always find the energy to do it all, all of the time.

WELL-MEANING PERSON: Yeah, I used to be like that, in the early days.

YOU: How did you get round it?

WELL-MEANING PERSON: I just worked harder.

(You roll your eyes with incredulity, and wrestle the urge to switch the ‘off’ button on the phone.)

Yes, we’ve all encountered the friend who means well, yet sometimes achieves the opposite.

From time-to-time, the best way to ‘Work Harder’ is not to try to. The concept of working harder conjures up a state of increased tension and stress, which is often un-resourceful.

Supposing that instead of leaning in harder to reach objectives in a state of tension and urgency, we Changed our State, and reconditioned ourselves emotionally.

Review your sensual appreciation of your world. Recall what makes you feel good. What images do you see on a warm spring day? What colour, shade and tone are the blossoms on the apple and cherry trees? How bright are they? What is the texture of the petals as they gently flutter to the ground?

Recall the sound of early-morning birdsong. The shrill delight of children’s voices as they play in the park, and the chime of the ice-cream van as it coasts through suburban streets.

Feel the balmy glow of the sun on your skin, and the breeze subtly ruffling branches; providing crisp respite. Feel the icy trickle of a melting ice-lolly as it traces a path down your hand.

Recreate a world that is vivid and resourceful and Associate yourself into it. Repeat this sensory world in your mind, then anchor it. By ‘anchoring’ I mean attach the psychological recollection with an action – say – rubbing your hands together, or stroking your chin. When you’re through, check your thoughts and feelings. How do you feel? Are you calmer? Are your spirits lifted? Do you feel re-energised, and more able to approach your work details with more methodological resolve?

Through these types of ‘Sensory Associations’ we can manage our world more effectively, as we exercise more control over our thoughts and emotions, and work ‘Smarter’ not harder.

Thanks for reading.

With Loving Kindness,

Jacquie Russell


Author: jrussellstr8ahead

The Pivotal Life-Stage Transition Coach for parents and carers. Using 'Can-Do' methodology to aid your Personal Development.

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