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Be honest now – it’s only me, and you know I won’t tell anyone. How often do you visit ‘ZOMBIE-VILLE’? You know that place where every new day seems just like the one before. Yes – that place that we’ve all been to at some point in our lives. The banality of our daily routine can easily create blandness and a lack of acuity, and ultimately become costly to our professional and personal lives; as we either succumb and lower our performance; or over-compensate with social excesses.  For quick and easy remedies, read on:

  1. When the alarm goes off in the morning, get up straight away – briskly.
  2. Affirm out loud: “I am having a Good Day Today!” We tend to see what we focus on. When we state this as an intention it becomes true.
  3. Pick an element of your morning prep. and do it ‘Mindfully’, that is, concentrate all your thoughts and energies exclusively on that task. For example, brush your teeth focusing on every stroke.
  4. Connect ‘authentically’ with someone who performs a service for you. E.g. greet the checkout staff before they greet you, smile and thank them warmly for their good service.
  5. When a colleague gives you the ‘How are you?’ routine, be mindful in your response. Check your physicality, relax your shoulders, look up and respond positively. Instead of ‘fine’ say – “I’m feeling great, thanks!”
  6. We all have experience of dealing with challenging people who make it their business to create difficulties for others, either through meanness, cruel manipulation or bitchiness. Ring a change in your response to them. Alter the energy: wonder at the misery that that person is in to want to create the same thing in others. It is possible to have compassion for those who would happily abuse us.
  7. Review and check your performance as you go. Look for external feedback to confirm whether you are so-so, doing well, pretty good or on top form. When you’ve reached 7/10 or above Praise yourself unreservedly, without caveats.
  8. Send a cheerful (clean) email/text to a colleague.
  9. Praise someone else ‘mindfully’ in a precise way. E.g. “I like the way that you handled that difficult question from the boss, without undermining members of the team present. You showed a lot of tact and diplomacy.”
  10. Before you hit the sack at the end of the day, check through the day’s events. Find two elements, one that you’re happy with, and one that needs attention. For the event that you are happy with go through that experience again, in a sensory way (what you saw, heard, and felt). Assess how you managed the event to make it successful, and praise yourself unreservedly for it.  For the event that needs attention, give it specific time in your intentions for the following day. Assess it objectively. What actions could you make to create a better outcome? What resources do you need to make improvements?


Most of all remember that you’re only human, so embrace yourself with kindness and acceptance.



Author: jrussellstr8ahead

The Pivotal Life-Stage Transition Coach for parents and carers. Using 'Can-Do' methodology to aid your Personal Development.

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